A Family Guaran-tea – who we are
We are a family of avid Pu’er collectors and this fascinating tea has infused every aspect of our lives for decades. Unlike tea merchants, we approach this business with years of understanding the tea’s quirks, passion in promoting its many virtues and a vested interest. We chose the name TEASPEC because we want to set a standard in Pu’er, the quality of our tea, its properties, provenance and vintage. We also want to demystify Pu’er as we’ve found that there’s a lack of reliable information in this field especially for those who are just beginning to appreciate tea drinking. Transmitting the knowledge that we’ve accumulated clearly and concisely is vital to us, as is helping tea drinkers get the best from their tea. To this end, we’ve introduced the Lazy Pour teapot, an easy-to-use teapot which yields the perfect brew.
Our TEASPECiality – what we do
Established in 2015, TEASPEC is a certified supplier and dedicated wholesaler of Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha in South East Asia and the United Kingdom. Being the sole distributor of Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha in many countries affords us with total access to the oldest and most reputable Pu’er producer in the world, an advantage which commercial tea merchants do not have. For connoisseurs who desire a more exotic or particular variety, we also do wholesale transactions with teas selected from our vast collection.
Infusing tradition with today’s sensibilities – why we’re unique
Bridging the oriental with the occidental, TEASPEC has reinvented and simplified centuries-old worth of Asian traditions for the western drinking tea community. Tea is an ideal gift because it transcends age, gender and occasions but now TEASPEC makes gifting tea a pleasure by bringing an unprecedented level of luxury to the art of drinking and gifting Pu’er with our beautifully packaged teas. We also want to make tea drinking seamless and fuss-free so that one can concentrate on enjoying the complexity of Pu’er and reaping its health benefits. Whether neophytes or connoisseurs, we want to connect with both and bring the tea-drinking experience to another level. 
Varie-tea, the spice of life – our product range
1. Jade – Our premium range of aged Pu’er, each set comes with a certificate of authenticity and provenance. Impeccably package, this range, which is sold in Harrods London, is targeted at the gifting market and especially suited for corporate gifts. 
2. Classique – This is our compressed tea range which comes in various vintages, sizes and shapes. Excellent for immediate consumption or storing for future enjoyment.
3. Discovery – An everyday range comprising of loose teas and tea bags. As its name denotes, Discovery is an ideal introduction to Pu’er. This range also offers tea drinkers fine Jasmine and Green Tea.
4. Teaware – Our Lazy Pour teapot, which comes in 2 sizes, will help tea drinkers get the most of their tea with minimum effort. These cleverly designed teapots are also light, sturdy and travel well.

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