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                  A Message From The Founder

                    elcome, once again, to another World Gourmet Summit,
                    and one which has reached a milestone this year.  This
                    year  marks  the  25   anniversary  of  the  World  Gourmet
        WSummit and the 21 edition of the World Gourmet Awards.
        Never  would  I  have  imagined  that  this  event,  borne  out  of  a  long,
        enlightening conversation over an afternoon high tea session between
        Dr Tan Chin Nam, then- Chief Executive of Singapore Tourism Board,
        and myself, would come so far. Throughout these 25 years of journey,
        we have seen great collaborations with international masterchefs, and
        gastronomic excellence, all while putting Singapore on the culinary map.

        As we approach our Silver Jubilee, we are not resting on our laurels. We are
        always on  the lookout  for new ways  to  show  the  best of  what we  have  to
        offer. Therefore,  it  will  only  be  fitting  that  we  have  a  theme  that  references
        exactly what we are doing from the past quarter of a century from the first
        World Gourmet Summit in 1997.  Titled, “Remastered”, we are taking
        the best of what we have done, and adapting it for a new generation
        of gourmands, masterchefs, and food and beverage professionals.
        This is the  treatise that  we wish  to approach this  silver  jubilee  with.
        However, as we all know, COVID-19 in 2020 has in many ways, halted and
        derailed the world we knew in its very tracks, and the traditional way we
        would  have  celebrated  it  in  the  past.  The  Hospitality  industry  was  one  of
        the biggest sectors affected, as well as the Tourism and Food & Beverage
        sectors.  Many saw their family and friends tried hard to battle a virus that
        many of us didn’t understand and still don’t.  This harkens back to 2003,
        where we were facing a very similar situation that SARS itself created
        before. But this time, it is different. COVID-19 still ravages us to this day,
        and while we are slowly opening up to a world that is recovering, we are
        still living with the reminders every day that it can very easily disappear.
        Thankfully, in Singapore, we continue to practice social distancing within
        kitchens,  restaurants,  hotels  and  offices  and  most  importantly,  getting
        vaccinated as well as staying vigilant with the hygiene practices in our daily lives.

                                     Peter A Knipp
                                     Principal, PKH Pte Ltd
                           Founder, World Gourmet Summit, World Gourmet Awards
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