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                  A Message From The Founder

                he World Gourmet Awards is celebrating its 20th edition
                this year, a milestone for the ages and it’s safe to say that
                we are celebrating this in interesting times, especially in
        Tthe  wake  of  a  global  pandemic.  The  spread  of  COVID-19
        virus affected millions of lives worldwide with the hospitality and
        tourism industry taking the greatest hit as travelling comes to a halt.
        As we live everyday under the “new normal”, we are reminding
        ourselves that we are stepping into an unprecedented time
        of our lives, the uncertainty and change that may make some
        uncomfortable.  In  a  bid  to  turn  straw  into  gold,  we  are  changing
        and developing the theme WGS2020, originally known as S.O.U.L..
        Sustainable, Organic, Urban, Lifestyle. Now, the acronym reflects
        a whole new meaning that we have adopted and interpreted to fit
        and explain the sentiment while we face Covid-19 in the industry:
        Solidarity, Originality, Unwavering, Local. These new tenets of the
        word are our way to join our fellow members in the F&B industry,
        using ingenuous methods that have helped to develop and change
        how we usually see the service and the food during these times, and
        the ever-growing importance to support local partners, businesses
                                     and talents.

        As of this moment, it is possible that we will continue to live in the
        shadow of Covid-19 for longer and likely face tougher situations
        and scenarios in the future. Nevertheless, in times like these, we
        celebrate and recognise the achievements of our local talents in the
        F&B industry. Those who have served the public and helped create
        some of the best memories that others have remembered, and the
        recipients of those who have dedicated their lives to make it happen.

        To all deserving finalists nominated during this year’s World Gourmet
        Awards, congratulations, and keep up the fighting strength that
             you’ve employed in this industry from the very beginning!

                                     Peter A Knipp
                                     Principal, PKH Pte Ltd
                           Founder, World Gourmet Summit, World Gourmet Awards
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